SCWA FALL 2021-2022

Welcome to SCWA FALL 2021-2022. On September 23, 2021 In-Person programming will resume at Skidaway Community Church.

  • September 14 – Todd Wasmund, Brigadier General (Promotable), U.S. Army, the first U.S. Army General Officer serving as an exchange officer with the French Army and serving as the Deputy Commanding General of the 3d (French) Division in Marseille, will speak on “U.S. And French Military Cooperation – Meeting Security Requirements of Tomorrow.
  • September 23 – Dr. Charles Kupchan, Professor of International Affairs at Georgetown University, and Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, will speak on, “From Trump to Biden: Navigating Isolationist and Internationalist Traditions in U.S. Statecraft.”
  • October 21 – Dr. John R. Deni, Research Professor of Security Studies at the the U.S. Army War College’s Strategic Studies Institute, will speak on “COALITION OF THE unWILLING AND unABLE: European Realignment and the Future of American Geopolitics.”
  • November 18 – Dr. Jeannie Johnson, Associate Professor of Political Science at Utah State University, and Director of the Center for Anticipatory Intelligence, speaking on, “The Marines, Counterinsurgency and Strategic Culture: Lessons Learned and Lessons Lost in America’s Wars.”
  • December 9 – Dr. Thomas Patterson, Professor of Government and the Press at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, speaking on, “How America Lost Its Mind: Our Misinformation Crisis.”

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