The mission of the Savannah Council on World Affairs (SCWA) is to foster individual awareness of, broaden community interest in, and promote the study of international issues, and to work with other organizations concerned with similar objectives.

Founded in 1984, The Savannah Council on World Affairs is one of 83 US councils with approximately 80,000 members affiliated with the World Affairs Councils of America (WACA), established in 1918. Membership is open to everyone interested in the Savannah Council’s mission and programs. Many people in our community find membership in our organization to be a valuable asset for a deeper understanding of international affairs.

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Savannah Council on World Affairs (SCWA):

  • Provides a forum for discussion of international affairs by hosting monthly programs from September through May.  Speakers are recognized authorities including current and former government officials, diplomats, educators, journalists, and members of non-governmental organizations.  They come from both the U.S. and around the world.  These programs have been offered since 1984.
  • Acts as a non-partisan, tax-exempt organization SCWA neither participates in political campaigns nor attempts to influence legislation.  It is considered the premier organization providing information to the citizens of our country on international affairs.
  • Grants stipends to several local students to assist in their study abroad experiences.  SCWA supports SCCPSS students at Jenkins and Pulaski High Schools enrolled in the “Reach the World” program. As well as, Undergraduate students from Savannah State and Georgia Southern Universities chosen using the following criteria: a) enrolled in a study abroad program, b) have a good academic record, and c) have financial need.  Each stipend recipient presents a brief report on their program at an SCWA Fall program.
  • Co-sponsors the annual “Great Decisions” program, produced by the Foreign Policy Association, for our membership.
  • Participates in the World Affair Councils of America’s annual conference, receives WACA support, and transfers WACA benefits to all SCWA members.
  • Partakes in travel programs sponsored by the Philadelphia Council.  WAC Philadelphia offers a wide variety of internationally guided trips each year. For further information on these programs, click here.
  • Offers members a FREE 1-year voluntary subscription to Daily Chatter (DC), a non-partisan, daily international affairs e-newsletter w/no advertising that “Enlightens its subscribers about some of the most important developments taking place around the world so you will be smarter and better informed”.  To further support SCWA’s mission, DC is also available for FREE to students at Georgia State University and Savannah State University.

BOARD of DIRECTORSContact SCWA at Savannahcwa@gmail.com

James R. Van Epps, President
Lawrence Silverman, Vice President – Chair, Programs
Charles C. O’Brien, Treasurer
Olavi Arens, Ph.D., Recording Secretary
Douglas B. Eberle, Corresponding Secretary – Chair, Membership

Susan Barton – Chair, Sponsorship
Bernard L. Bongang, Ph.D. – Co-Chair, Scholarships
Becky Cheatham – Chair, Publicity
Jacek Lubecki, Ph.D. – Co-Chair, Scholarships
Mohamed H. Mukhtar, Ph.D. – Chair, Great Decisions
Susan J. Terrio, Ph.D. – Chair, Nominating
Roger Arner
Susan Catron
Robert Chandis
José de Arimatéia da Cruz, Ph.D.
Chris Giorgianni
Fred Langley
Daniel Malachuk
Molly Carrott Taylor
Gerald M. Thomas, Jr.
Juliana Maria D. Trammel, Ph.D.