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A message from WACA’s President and CEO Bill Clifford (3/16/20):

As you probably know, the Centers for Disease Control on Sunday revised its guidance to recommend that, for the next 8 weeks, organizers cancel or postpone all in-person events consisting of 50 people or more nationwide. While the CDC adds this recommendation does not apply to the day-to-day operation of schools, institutes of higher learning, and businesses, these organizations as well as state and local officials across the country are taking even more stringent steps. I encourage you to read the full guidance and related links on the CDC website.

The number of known COVID-19 coronavirus cases is spiking in the United States – even before a belated, massive testing effort begins – to more than 3,600 people in 49 states, DC, and U.S. territories. As of this morning, 66 patients have died of the virus.  See the New York Times tracking map

As Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said in several TV appearances Sunday, “I think we should really be overly aggressive and get criticized for overreacting.”

SCWA President, Chip O’Brien shares his 2019 WACA conference pictures:

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WACA Cover to Cover – Monthly Author Conference Calls

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cover to Cover with Dr. Nina Ansary is rescheduled for summer 2020. Stay tuned for an announcement of the official date.

Thursday, April 9 ~ 2:00 – 2:30 PM EST
Daniel Markey, Senior Research Professor and Director of the School of Advanced Int’l Studies’ Global Policy Program, Johns Hopkins University
China’s Western Horizon: Beijing and the New Geopolitics of Eurasia

China’s Western Horizon: Beijing and the New Geopolitics of Eurasia

Under the ambitious leadership of President Xi Jinping, China is zealously transforming its wealth and economic power into potent tools of global political influence. But China’s foreign policy initiatives, even the vaunted “Belt and Road,” will be shaped and redefined as they confront the ground realities of local and regional politics outside China. In China’s Western Horizon, Daniel Markey anticipates that China’s deepening involvement will play to the advantage of regional strongmen and exacerbate the political tensions within and among Eurasian states.

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WACA’s KNOW NOW calls feature global thought leaders hosted by WACA, as well as local authorities in government, business, academia, and cultural fields who are identified and moderated by local Councils.

March 26, at 2:00-2:30 PM ET ~ REGISTER NOW!

Dr. Jonathan Quick, Senior Fellow at Management Sciences for Health, on COVID-19 and global epidemics. The call will be moderated by WorldBoston President and CEO Mary Yntema.

In his recently published book The End of Epidemics: The Looming Threat to Humanity and How to Stop It the book states, “Somewhere in nature, a killer virus is boiling up in the bloodstream of a bird, bat, monkey, or pig, preparing to jump to a human being. This not-yet-detected germ has the potential to wipe out millions of lives over a matter of weeks or months.”  Join Dr. Quick and Mary Yntema to discuss how effective local and global efforts have been in combating COVID-19, and what we can expect in the coming weeks and months.



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