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Wunderbar Together 2021: Germany, the U.S., and the Future of Democracy


Wunderbar Together 2021, the World Affairs Councils of America, the American Council on Germany, and Atlantik-Brücke partner with World Affairs Councils across the country to hold a series of virtual events that focus on challenges to democracy in Germany, Europe, and the United States. Experts discuss the causes of this democratic malaise, analyze how serious these threats are, and examine what can be done to push back against those pressures – with a view to the exploration of how Europe and the U.S. can better collaborate on these issues.


Saving Democracy:  Reinventing Institutions & Practices for the 21st Century
World Affairs Councils of America

Democracy is under attack. Rising populism, waning trust in democratic institutions and practices, and a period of unprecedented uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic have strained democratic institutions. What can be done to reinvigorate the intermediary institutions that have been considered essential for democracy’s success since the nineteenth century: political parties and free media?

Dr. Jan-Werner Müller, Professor of Politics at Princeton University, and Author of Democracy Rules:

Democracies in Distress: Europe and the United States
World Affairs Council of Charlotte

On both sides of the Atlantic, popular confidence in political institutions has fallen and voters are increasingly disenchanted with mainstream political parties. What are some of the causes of these trends and what can be done to address them?

WACA Wunder 2


Anne Applebaum, Staff Writer – The Atlantic

WACA Wunder 3


Dr. David Deißner, Executive Director
Understanding the Rise of Illiberal Politics in Europe and the U.S. – And What to Do About It
Savannah Council on World Affairs

A number of recent surveys in Europe and the U.S. have shown growing discontent with the way democracy is working, distrust in democratic institutions, and the ability of democracies to confront the many complex challenges facing our societies. What can be done to rebuild confidence and to increase citizen engagement to improve the effectives of our democracies?

WACA SCWA Wunder 1

Daniel Ziblatt, Eaton Professor of Government
Harvard University


Paulina Fröhlich, Head of Future Democracy Programme
Das Progressive Zentrum
In order for democracies to function effectively, citizens need transparent access to accurate information based on facts. Democratic institutions are being undermined by a proliferation of disinformation which creates chaos, division, and distrust. In many cases, citizens seem to live in parallel universes in which people believe in a completely different set of facts and live in different realities. What can be done to combat misinformation and help guarantee access to truthful, fact-based information?
WACA Wunder 4


Nina Jankowicz
Global Fellow at the Wilson Center
WACA Wunder 5


Dr. Hanna Klimpe
Professor of Social Media and Commissioner for Equity, 
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
WACA Wunder 6


Andrea Shalal
Senior Correspondent, Reuters



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US World Affairs Councils are offering our Members Real-time Analysis through Free & Fee Webinars 

Continuing this Spring, Members can stay engaged & participate in various FREE & FEE Virtual Webinars offered by US World Affairs Councils. Both FREE & FEE Virtual Opportunities are listed below and updated weekly simply follow the links to register. ~ Stay Tuned & Have a Terrific Summer

All programs below are accessible online unless otherwise indicated.
Monday 7/26 
International Relations Council (Kansas City) hosts Professor Craig Jendza, University of Kansas, for “Ancient Greek.” 
Tuesday 7/27 
World Affairs Council of Atlanta hosts Ambassador Kirsten Hillman, Canadian Ambassador to the U.S., for “Canada and the U.S.” Friends, Partners & Allies.” 
International Relations Council (Kansas City) hosts Emmanuel Ngomsi, Cultural Competency and Racial Profiling Instructor at Kansas City Regional Police Academy, for “He Even Has Your Eyes.” 
Global Minnesota hosts Karen Brown, Director for the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change, and Professor Katey Pelican, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, for “SDG Roundtable: Summer 2021.” 
Wednesday 7/28 
Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall hosts Maryam Zar, Founding Chair of the Pacific Palisades Taskforce on Homelessness in Los Angeles, for “How Global Cities Are Confronting Homelessness.” 
World Affairs Council of South Texas hosts Professor Jose Cisneros, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, for “Two Centuries of U.S.-Mexico Relationship.”  
International Relations Council (Kansas City) hosts Wim van Klinken, a minister, Chief Information and Technology Officer at the Community of Christ, and a member of the Midlands Mission Center’s Financial Officer Team, for “Dutch.” 
World Affairs Council of Philadelphia hosts a panel of experts for “Combating Global Hunger and Climate Change Through Food Innovation and Technology.” 
World Affairs (Northern California) hosts a panel of experts for “Communities Take On Rising Waters In San Francisco Bay.” 
Thursday 7/29 
World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth hosts Ambassador Emily Haber, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the United States, for “The Future of the Transatlantic Partnership.”  
Los Angeles World Affairs Council & Town Hall hosts Professor Leonard Schaeffer, University of Southern California and Brookings Institution Board of Trustee, and Robert Abernethy, Brookings Institution Trustee and LAWACTH Board Director, for “Reimagining Health Care in our Post-Pandemic World.” 
World Affairs Council of Greater Houston hosts Ann Hagedorn, Staff Writer at The Wall Street Journal, to discuss her book Sleeper Agent: The Atomic Spy in America Who Got Away
International Relations Council (Kansas City) hosts a panel of experts for “Toward 10.9 Billion: Challenges of Global Population Growth.” 
Friday 7/30 
World Affairs Council of the Monterey Bay Area hosts Professor Victor Rodwin, New York University and Co-Director of the World Cities Project, for “Lessons for Americans? A Comparative Analysis of Health Systems Abroad.” 
Saturday 7/31 
World Affairs Forum (Stamford) hosts Erica Dingman, Visiting Scholar with the University of Washington and Founder and Director of Arctic in Context, for “A Midsummer Conversation on the Arctic.” (In Person) 


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